Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First Anniversary

January 16, 2006

Two more houses to see, we hope, but not until tomorrow. We'll have to make our decision tomorrow night. We've also got our driving class and test tomorrow morning...wish us luck! We spend yesterday, January 15 (our first anniversary!) watching movies, taking turns on the computer, generally relaxing indoors while the skies drizzled outside, and discussing housing options. I'm enjoying FH's gift to me--a beautiful, locally-made vase filled with ruffly and aromatic sweet pea flowers and a single ivory rose. I think he enjoyed the steak dinner I made for him in our little kitchenette in the Lodge. Neither of us can believe it's been a year...and we're both very proud of having spent the past 45 days together, 24/7, still loving and happy!

Enjoy the MLK holiday, those of you who get the day off. More house adventures soon...and driving adventures as well!

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