Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ruby Slippers Held in Reserve...

...because it looks as if Typhoon Ewiniar would rather visit Korea and China than stop by Sasebo. So today, instead of having destructive force winds, we had sunshine and blue skies. I understand we'll have some wind and rain tonight, but nowhere near what was expected.

Meanwhile, Fearless Husband is floating around somewhere in the South China Sea--I guess because the Powers That Be decided they didn't want to let our husbands and wives just come home, and possibly "waste" all the provisions they brought aboard in such a hurry on Thursday.

After all, I'm sure powdered milk, powdered eggs and powdered potatoes must have a really short shelf-life.

Frustrated? Me? Nooooooo....

(But I did have a really wonderful day. I've got to get caught up as quickly as possible, so I can tell you all about meeting Imaemon the 14th in person! So...more ASAP, I promise!)