Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Resolve... post more often to this poor, neglected blog! Yes, I've been having adventures -- amazing, wonderful travel and experiences! I've taken a zillion photos, and have tons of notes, so I can blog about everything. But every time I sit down to write, another adventure pops up, or Fearless Husband comes home (and he does become Priority One!) or family and friends come to visit and adventure with me...whew!

But for all two readers out there, 2009 will bring more posts from me. Pinkie swear.


Mary Witzl said...

Ooh, you have to keep that promise now, Carolie! You pinkie swore!

(I've taught my students all about pinking swearing and made them do it once, too. They think I'm just the weirdest person they've ever met...)

The Amazing Trips said...

Hi Carolie, I just sent you an e-mail (I hope!!) with 10 Restoration Hardware $20.00 gift codes. Please let me know if you don't receive them!!

Nichole said...

Wow, thanks for visiting my blog! And 5 months later I'm only just realizing you left a comment on my post about my daughter's birthday. I swear my blog is supposed to notify me by email of comments...I think it's gone stupid.

I don't blog as much as I should either...or as much as I would like. I miss reading about your adventures in Japan, but I know how it goes. I have the same problem...every time I think "I'll blog this for sure," another big event happens, everything builds up and I fall so behind.

And yes, husbands are definitely priority one when they come home from deployments/tours of duty!